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Posted By: Ejimofor

Posted On: Dec 30, 2007
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Mr. V.C.

Mr. VC of Unizik I hope you must have discovered the futility of your mischief against otherwise peaceful Osile Community of Ogbunike. You could bastardize Anambra State Judiciary and Police Command with a lot of inducements to bury the truth and twart justice, but you could never conquer the spirit of Osile Community.
Perhaps your mother who was an indegin of Osile never explained to you the meaning or origin of Osile Nchi. You may like to know that that name is not derogatory. Go and ask.
If you think that you can acquire Osile land like that, then you are living in delusion because no one has ever succeeded in doing that. Thanks be to God.
You have left academic work to come and fight for community land. An housa or Yoruba man at your position would have brought a whole college of the University to his community. What you promised was a pure water factory and got a 93 year old man to sign out the land for you. What a fraud ! coming from a supposed learned man.
It is said that a fowl that perches on a rope will contue to dance with the rope as long as it remains there.
If I were you I will leave Osile community alone and return their land to them. You have nothing to lose if you do; but providence will judge you if you don't.
If you have scores to settle with HRH Igwe John Ositadimma Umenyiorah The Ezedioramma I of Ogbunike, you can search for some other ways to do that, but definitely Osile land cannot be used as tool to execute your evil desires against this innocent monarch. Those in your position in the Western World fight to win NOBEL prize but you have put your hand in dirty village politics. We don't know where it will lead you to.

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