Sunday, December 20, 2009


One woman told her daughter not to allow any man to be on top of her. and she is mum kind of girl, so this advice of her mother kept ringing on her mind because she promised her mother, that she will never let her down .
so one day she got a boy friend, and the boy friend want some sex, so when the boy asked her for some actions, that her mothers advice came back to her, so she told the boy that she will be on top of him, so the boy said is OK, so after the show, she went home and told her mum that she had a Little fun with her boy friend, but she is on top of the boy, so her mother started crying... please do you know why her mother is crying?
please your comment is needed

Sunday, December 13, 2009

na abania video

na abania

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Be Your self

Be your self, don't be someone else, stand for things you are called to do and things you believe are right.
if is to help others, keep it up,don't stop because someone you helped pay you back with evil, bcz if U do so, U will become a failure your self, bcz you are living another person life. remember that things we do is bcz of GOD!
he is the only person who pays U back, for he made it clear that he will pay everyone according to his work.
Dont 4get life principles: good thinking good result/bad thinking bad result.
so do the right things first, bcz a killer must be killed while a safer must be save! u like it or hate it its truth.
Environment U live directs your life. the only way to do things wrong in life, is trying to make sure that everyone is correct.
if u r a sign board don't be angry bcz u did not go there your self , just keep directing people, like teachers are always happy to see they pupils becomes president, while themselves are still there teaching other little ones, they are not angry because them themselves are not presidents

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Respect all! because it opens closed doors and leads to endless blessings of GOD!
Do you call your fellow man small rat or nobody? if yes STOP it and change your mind set, because GOD made man in his image and likeness, so man is like GOD.
The rejected stones are the pilers of house, King David who GOD calls the man after his heart, is the last person his father believed among his Sons, that will be come a king.
King Solomon his son is the wisest man that ever lived, and Joseph have smiler story, the last people their brothers believed that will be useful in life.
The senseless things of this world are what GOD uses to bless someone!
Who can believe that a Son of what world and its wisdom called immigrant/slave/black man, will rule the most powerful nation in the world?
worldly wisdom its impossible and worldly senselessly its possible.
BY Igweze Chinemelu