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Life in the Occult World

Life in the Occult World
Written by Chris Ajaero
Monday, 06 April 2009
Chukwudi Nathan Okakpu, an occult grandmaster, tells the story of his life in an occult world from where he operated for 32 years

For 32 years, Chukwudi Nathan Okakpu, an occult grandmaster from Ogbeakpu Osile, Ogbunike in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State, wielded immense mystical powers. From his mystic base and shrine called Arobinagu Igwedo located in Ogbeakpu Osile, Okakpu used astral projections to influence human affairs both negatively and positively. But that is now history.

He told Newswatch that as a great occultist, he had a lot of adherents and used his mystic base to endorse the Antichrist. But a few years ago, he was in a trance where the Holy Spirit appeared to him and asked him why he chose to use mystical powers to serve as a satanic agent. Besides, as an occultist, Okakpu was constantly into astrological dry fasting to retain his mystical powers and this got his intestines entangled. Consequently, for 17 years, he found it difficult to eat solid food and this affected his health.

Worried by the deteriorating condition of his health which his mystic powers could not cure and the frequent appearance of the Holy Spirit in his dreams, Okakpu decided to seek deliverance from the kingdom of darkness. He was then directed in the spirit to go to the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Ikotun, Lagos so that he would be delivered by T.B. Joshua, general overseer of the church. On Sunday, March 22, Okakpu visited the Synagogue as directed in the spirit where he was delivered by Joshua. Since his deliverance, he now eats almost seven times daily.

After his deliverance, he was instructed by Joshua to go to his mystic base in Ogbeakpu Osile to bring all the mystical objects he had used for occultic practices including two black and red garments, one mystical rope, a red mystical crown and a magnetic pot. He complied. Accompanied by evangelists of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Okakpu went to the mystic base where he discovered that the mystical snakes he kept there had strangely disappeared after his deliverance.

However, he still found intact the garments, rope, crown, and pot which he brought to the church on Sunday, March 29. He came into the church with the mystical objects wearing long beard and decked in the full regalia of an occult grandmaster. He then made confessional statements concerning how he had functioned as an occult grandmaster in the past 32 years.

He claimed that he belongs to the highest grade of occultists known as the extraordinary and the power he had is beyond human explanation. He said: “It is inborn. I started early in life to practise as a spiritualist... I am gifted with both positive and negative powers. I have used the power positively to make a lot of people become great in life. I have produced governors, top military officers, politicians and wealthy businessmen.”

Okakpu claimed that with occultic power, he had helped many frustrated youths who consulted him in his mystic base to secure visa to travel abroad unhindered. According to him, he frequently fortified himself through astral projections. “I regularly visited the place scientists call the Bermuda Triangle to acquire power by means of astral projection which is the demarcation of the inward self from the outward carcass called the body," Okakpu said. He admitted that whenever his clients consulted him to use occultic power to fight their enemies, he would investigate in the spiritual realm to ensure that it is a just cause before embarking on such a battle.

Okakpu, who is 45 years old, later told Newswatch that he developed the zeal to acquire occultic power at the age of 13 when his father died. He explained that following his father’s death, his relations started maltreating his mother, Roseline Okakpu, and later drove her from her matrimonial home. To worsen matters, his relations wanted to eliminate him with the use of charm obtained from herbalists. “That was when I developed my negative powers so as to retaliate and save myself. Then in the realm where we meet, I was given a tortoise to make counter statements rebuking my tormentors. From then on, I started growing up in the metaphysical world,” he said.

Okakpu told Newswatch that the mystic pot in his base represents certain vibrations in the planet. “The pot represents the force of reflection. Whenever anybody wishes evil for me in any form, be it in form of incantation, invocation or the breaking of kolanuts in any part of the world, it will be reflected in the pot and the pot has the magnetic force to disconnect such evil against me,” Okakpu said.

He claimed that when he was still in the occult world, he had met face to face with Lucifer, the archangel cast from heaven for leading the revolt against angels. Contrary to the widely held impression that Lucifer is ugly, the ex-occult grandmaster said he is very handsome. He said: “A lot of people believe that Lucifer has some horns. But when I saw Lucifer in the world beneath, the mysterious area which scientists call the Bermuda Triangle, he is physically handsome and very huge. Remember that before he was cast out by God, he was the closest archangel to the Almighty. It was after he was cast out that angel Michael became the head of the archangels."

Although Okakpu bears the title of a professor and is sound in metaphysics, he is not well educated. He said that his highest level of formal education was primary two at Central School, Oji River in Enugu State. Following his deliverance, Okakpu advised all his erstwhile members who are still engaged in occultic practice, to renounce it and give their lives to Christ. He believes that the purpose of his deliverance is that God wants to use it to change the lives of other occultists. He said that in order to further reveal the mode of operations of occultists, he intends to write two books which he has entitled My 32 years in the World Beneath and My Vast Crucible of Experience.

Okakpu told Newswatch that his greatest regret is that he does not have a child. According to him, he had a son out of wedlock but he died mysteriously. Now that he has been delivered from the kingdom of darkness, he is eager to get married so that he can have children.

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