Monday, February 1, 2010


We all have errors to correct.
A friend of mine, was complaining how he was slapped,last two weeks,last week, day b4 yesterday and yesterday, by four different people.
So the person he was telling said to him, that he also contributed to d reason why he is been slapped.
HOW TRUE IS THAT? please stop pointing finger on others, bcz we all are to blame, for if we don"t leave the past behind us, we can never move forward.
LIFE is like movie, that any good actor can play any part, because good person today can be bad person tomorrow, for one thing that calls constantly in life is changes, please we all have parts to play in union building of our ogbunike. please let unite and stand together, because together is good, together is better and together is best!
please and please again i cry, with tears of joy in my eyes bcz i know that peace must rain in my OGBUNIKE AND YOUR OGBUNIKE AGAIN. BCZ I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE HOPEFUL THAN THIS DAY!!!

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